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Flying your own plane isn't for just anybody...
Then again, you proved long ago that you're not just anybody.

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You stand out from the crowd. You expect more from yourself - and you deliver.

Perhaps you've already made your mark and you're ready for new adventures. Perhaps the best is yet to come. Either way, you recognize the value and status that come from flying yourself where you want to go when you want to go there. Whether it's that important out-of-town meeting, a golf outing to a favorite course, or a weekend getaway with someone special, getting there quickly matters most for people whose time is valuable.

When you're ready to take the next big step on your path of extraordinary achievement, why not do something that's exciting and practical?

By investing roughly 80 hours of your time, you can join another elite group - the less than 0.2 percent of Americans who possess the skill, commitment and wherewithal to become an FAA-certified private pilot.

And there's no better place to do it than with people who understand what makes you so special. You know how to take charge.

Now it's time to take flight.

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Our Mission

To help individuals spread their wings and learn to fly in a safe, fun, and affordable manner.

Our Instruction Team

Balance. It's a critical element in flight. And, a decided plus when it comes to flight instruction. At Learn to Fly, we draw together passion and energy with experience and wisdom.

Shawn May


Owner Shawn May has been flying since he was 14 when his love for flying was sparked by the Civil Air Patrol. Now in his early 20s, May brings flight experience well beyond his years and infuses his energy and passion for aviation in those around him.

Mohamed Ali

Chief Flight Instructor

Learn to Fly's Chief Flight Instructor, Mohamed Ali, has more than 40 years combined experience in flying and instruction. He has accumulated over 9,000 flight hours, and has been instrumental in helping Learn To Fly’s students achieve a 95% pass rate.

Levels of Pilot Training

Every pilot in the sky will tell you that learning never ends... Part of it is the necessity of keeping skills sharp and up-to-date. And part is the sheer pleasure of increasing knowledge, ability and confidence. Learn to Fly's staff has taken many men and women on their journey from novice to accomplished pilot. After completing their ground and air training to earn their private pilot certificate, many pilots are eager to advance to the next level of proficiency. And we're here to help you achieve each new step, including:

Instrument Rating

Commercial Pilot Certification

Multi-Engine Rating

Flight Instructor Certification

Flight Instructor Instrument Certification


  • Charles W.

    “They are great and this is a must do. It is great for kids.”

  • Scott Luciano

    “Excellent instructor, Mr. Mohamed Ali offered me professional instruction from the beginning. Both co-owners evaluated my instructional needs and offered me several options to achieve my flying goals. I spent a great day in the air. Plane is well maintained. An overall great experience. Thank you!"

  • Trained Professional

    "Mohamed Ali is the best flight instructor I’ve every had. Not only does he provide the highest quality training programs available, he deeply cares for the success and well being of his students. I highly recommend Learn to Fly to anyone who is interested in just starting their flight career or looking to take their abilities to the next level."

Pricing and Packages


$10,475-$11,049 estimated investment
  • Plane Rental
    50 @ 130/hr = $6,500
  • Flight Instructor 40 @ 55/hr = $2,200
  • Ground Instructor 20 @ 50/hr = $1,000
  • Study Kit $150-$579
  • Medical $75-$120
  • Practical Test $400-$500
  • Written Test $150
  • Prerequisite


$8600-$9129 estimated investment
  • Plane Rental
    40 @ 150/hr = $6,000
  • Flight Instructor 15 @ 60/hr = $900
  • Ground Instructor 20 @ 50/hr = $1,000
  • Study Kit $150-$579
  • Medical NA
  • Practical Test $400-$500
  • Written Test $150
  • Prerequisite
    Private License


Call for Price estimated investment
  • Plane Rental Variable Cost
  • Flight Instructor Variable Cost
  • Ground Instructor Variable Cost
  • Study Kit Variable Cost
  • Medical Variable Cost
  • Practical Test Variable Cost
  • Written Test Variable Cost
  • Prerequisite
    Private License, Instrument License (not required, but recommended)


Call for Price estimated investment
  • Plane Rental
    Variable Cost
  • Flight Instructor Variable Cost
  • Ground Instructor Variable Cost
  • Study Kit Variable Cost
  • Medical NA
  • Practical Test Variable Cost
  • Written Test Variable Cost
  • Prerequisite
    CFI - Commercial License,
    CFII - Commercial and Instrument Licenses
10% discount on plane rental and instructor fees if paid in full prior to lessons, or for military and first responders.
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Other Services

90 Minute Discovery Flight

    • Designed for individuals looking to acquire their pilots license.
    • 45 minutes of ground school to get familiar with the aircraft
    • 30 minutes of flight time where you can take control of the aircraft an experience first hand what it is like to be a pilot.
    • 15 minutes of Q & A to make sure you are comfortable to take the next step and obtain your pilots license.

30/60 Minute Sight-Seeing Tour

    • During the 30 minute tour enjoy sights of Northern Tampa as we cruise at an altitude of 1500 feet.
    • During the 60 minute tour enjoy sights of the Tampa Bay Area and The Gulf of Mexico.
    • 2nd and 3rd passenger are an additional $25.00 each.

90 Minute Tour of the Skyway

    • Enjoy a leisurely flight of Tampa Bay as we take off from Tampa North Aero Park and fly West towards The Gulf of Mexico. Then we turn South toward St. Pete/Clearwater flying along the Coast of Florida. We then circle the historic Skyway Bridge as we head back towards Tampa.
    • 2nd and 3rd passenger are an additional $15.00 each


Frequently Asked Questions

How difficult is it to learn to fly?

Learning to fly takes time and a commitment, but ground school materials are written at the ninth-grade level and, from a hand-coordination standpoint, the actual operation of a plane is similar to driving a stick-shift car.

Is there anything I can do before taking lessons to help make things easier and save me money?

The written test commonly holds people back when trying to obtain their licence. At Lean to Fly we recommend you start studying for the written test prior to taking lessons. This will speed up the learning process and ultimately save you money.

Do I need perfect vision to fly?

No. The only requirement is that your vision must be correctable to 20/20.

Is there maximum age limit to fly?

No. The only requirement to fly solo is to pass a medical exam.

Is there a minimum age to fly?

Students can begin to learn to fly before age 14 but cannot solo until then. The minimum age for a recreational permit is age 16. The minimum age for a private pilot's license is 17. The minimum age for a commercial license is 18.

I have a busy schedule that changes all the time. Is it possible to fit flight instruction into that kind of schedule?

It certainly is. At Learn to Fly, our flight instructors' schedules are designed to accommodate yours. So, whether you prefer mornings and weekdays or your schedule requires weekends and evenings, we'll be there to guide you every step of the way when you're ready to begin mastering the skies.

I've had friends that they felt like they were rushed through classes. What's different about the Learn to Fly process?

Owner Shawn May's passion for helping others started at an early age and has continued as a disaster relief volunteer with Hurricane Sandy, the Haiti earthquake and other crises. "That belief transitions into my teaching philosophy. I'm a very patient person. I know that just because the instructor knows and understands something, it doesn't mean the student knows and understands it after the first, second or even third time sometimes. My ultimate goal is to help everyone succeed. It can take time to accomplish that goal -- and I'm more than willing to put in the necessary time."

Why should I choose Learn to Fly over larger flight schools?

Those schools have their place, but often they're focused on training pilots for a career in the airline industry. At Learn to Fly, we work one-on-one with our students to provide a personalized, hands-on experience that creates competent, confident yet careful pilots who enjoy flight even as they understand the responsibilities that go with the role.

Can I take a test flight to help me decide if Learn to Fly is the right choice for me?

Absolutely. We encourage prospective students to take a short flight with us to make certain that our teaching approach is best suited for you.

What kind of plane will I fly for my first lessons?

Typically, our students begin in one of two well-maintained Piper Cherokees, a single-engine, four-seat aircraft that has long been a favorite for flight instruction because of its stability in crosswinds and solid feel at lower airspeeds. In fact, it has a well-earned reputation as one of the safest and most stable planes in the sky.

Our teenager is interested in getting a pilot's license but we have our concerns. Is it a good idea for a teen to take flying lessons?

Without a doubt, it is. Earning a private pilot's license benefits teenagers in a number of way, ranging from instilling discipline and developing self-confidence to giving them a practical new skill and a tremendous sense of accomplishment. Statistically speaking, flight is many times safer than driving a car. Teens who fly have a greater appreciation for the value of caution, planning and focus. They also command greater respect for their maturity and ability. Flight instruction is an opportunity to add to a youngster's resume, giving them just one more advantage over so many others.

How do I get started?

Call us today at (813) 335-6444.

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